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Do you find yourself waiting long periods of time to see your family doctor? Do you find yourself
being left with little time for questions for your primary care doctor? Are you being told that you
can’t be seen for several days with your acute illness? Are you paying large sums of money for
doctor visits out-of-pocket because you have a very high deductible with your insurance? Do
you not have insurance at all?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then maybe its time for you to consider a
relationship with a Direct Primary Care doctor providing care for your entire family. Direct
primary care is the cheapest form of medical care available and is the fastest growing medical
model in the U.S. Direct primary care provides same day appointments in a slow-paced office
atmosphere where you are provided with plenty of time with your primary care doctor. Questions
for your family doctor are answered completely and additional concerns are not put off for a
future appointment.

Direct primary care is delivering care the way it used to be without insurance companies and
federal bureaucracies intruding on decisions that should be made between you and your family
doctor. While most of our patients have insurance (which is encouraged for catastrophic
illnesses), your insurance may have a very high deductible (typically $ 6000.00 or more) and
thus you are paying out-of-pocket for your care anyway. Many patients do not have insurance
and choose direct primary care for its affordability. For less than 1/3 of a cup of coffee per day,
direct primary care can provide for 90% of your healthcare needs. If specialty referrals are
needed because your family doctor can’t provide the service, then it is our job to find the best
specialist for you as your advocate in the complex world of medicine. (We know who the best
specialists are and usually can get discounted rates which your regular insurance should cover
assuming you have met your deductible. Hospitalizations are also covered with your regular
insurance so that high expense care coverage does not change as a patient with your direct
primary care family doctor.)

We also work with imaging centers to get discounted rates for X-rays and higher expense items
such as ultrasounds, CT scans, MRI’s, colonoscopies, upper endoscopies, etc. We have
developed relationships with local surgeons and specialists who are the best in their field. We
are not affiliated with any network of hospitals so that we can make independent decisions
about your healthcare. We work with independent insurance specialists to find you the best
insurance with the cheapest monthly premiums so that your healthcare needs are covered in
the most superb manner. And if typical insurance is too costly, we recommend healthcare-
sharing plans that could potentially saving hundreds of dollars on premiums per month.
But, what we as direct primary care doctors are most excited about is the opportunity to work
with you, providing you with the kind of healthcare that reminds us as family doctors that this
relationship should be cherished giving us the high privilege of being your family doctor. The
privilege actually provides us as family physicians with a window into our own lives reminding us
that we are all human and in need of love and a sense of importance in life.

While some patients ask if this is the same concept as concierge medicine, the Direct Primary
Care model is completely different. While we strive to give the best healthcare possible, we do
not charge any of the expensive enrollment fees found in concierge medicine. Additionally, our
rate is $49.00 per month for adults and $39.00 per month for children ages 6 to 19. We would
add that if you have great insurance where you have no deductible, and it covers all your healthcare
needs without additional costs, and assuming that you love your current level of care, then direct
primary care may not be for you.


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